Born in the heart of Los Angeles, being more connected to land and spirit than he would like to admit, for William, it is certain this dual citizenship, embedded in purpose and passion, takes on a life of its own, through his choice of words and how he lives his life. Educated in San Francisco at the University level and accompanied by a dickensian-like outlook on things, the vocabulary and cadence in his writing lend a rhythm and ease that invites and compels you to join in; read further. Without a doubt, his time in New York fashioned the polished literary expounder you now see. The direct influence of the streets, its trends, tendencies, and culture, can all be felt, as it spills onto the pages of his work.   

     Music has been a part of our lives since longer than we can remember.  Beginning with sounds heard in the womb, to the sounds, our parents “road-tripped” to.  From when we started taking control of our musical direction, to becoming outright musicians and letting go of one passion for honing another.  It has been an intense journey, to say the least, fueled by passion and obsessive tenacity, where lies within, no room for complacency.  It's almost, “foul play” to speculate about or critique someone else's artistic efforts, without having first walked in their shoes, and even an entirely different thing, on a higher plane, to comprehend that you have earned the right to engage in  meaningful conversation and share dialogue with that artist, knowing you yourself  have traversed a  similar path.  So, when  William sits down for an interview or conversation it's because he owns the card titled, “Dual Citizenship”!  He’s earned the right, he wants to be there, and he chooses the artist he's spotlighting because they matter; to him, to music historically and for today…. Point is, they matter.

Breno Aragon,

Friend, Photographer, Ally, and Confidant