Yana Toyber Explores Where Photography, Femininity, and Ballet Meet

Regarded by some, as arguably one of the last remaining, beautifully conservative art forms, the ballet. With all of its trappings that surround a fruitful relationship between the emotion expressed through movement and its players, the mere conduits for this expression. They grace the stage with poised plie and saute. Examples of the commanding positions of elegant rigor, that are as demanding of contemplative admiration, as any physical artwork elevated to artistic prominence.–– William Lankford.

Maryam Yousif Builds on the Collective Past of Warrior Women

Among the countless tales of Assyrian warriors, there's one female heroine whose expansive mythology spans myriad middle eastern cultures and centuries. Dating to the 9th century BCE, the legendary Shamiram is said to have seduced the King, passionately requested a single day as Queen, and whilst in power ordered the King’s assassination—continuing her reign by famously sentencing rapists to their death. The tale factors prominently in Yousif’s childhood, most notably depicted in a painting done

SOMA Magazine » Archive » Brian Goggin: Rebel with a Cause

Within the industrial collage that is south of the Market art spaces lies a hidden authentic artistic revolution. The day, in its entirety, oversees a gloomy mist-filled morning and late afternoon that lingers to capture a small portion of the evening. Approaching the side streets of Alabama and 14th, the evening finally shows its glimmer, while bouncing off the walls of the previous industrialized spaces. But as of now those spaces house some of the most innovative and original artists to date.